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  Mission Statement  

Winslow High School (W) Wisdom (H) High Standards (S) Success

We Believe:
*All students will have equal opportunities and be challenged to become college and career ready.
*It is our responsibility to develop the student's potential in areas of academics, career awareness, cultural appreciation, physical well being, social development, and community contribution.
*Modeling the appropriate attitude and behavior is a shared responsibility of the teachers and parents and community.
*We will promote a safe and comfortable environment which enhances student learning.

Winslow High School has a rich tradition and is celebrating its 101st year in 2014 of Bulldog Pride and Excellence.


  About The School  

Winslow High School and Community

Class of 2012 - 100th Graduating Class at WHS
Class of 2012 - 100th Graduating Class at WHS

Winslow High School (WHS) is situated in the center of Winslow, Arizona.  We are one of the oldest, continuously accredited schools in the State of Arizona.  Winslow High School has been accredited since 1912 making us the 4th oldest high school in Arizona.  We have had 102 graduating classes from Winslow High School.

Winslow High School is the only high school in the Winslow Unified School District #1.  The current enrollment is approximately 750, distributed among grades 9 through 12.  The enrollment stays relatively constant through the year.  The ages of WHS students are 14 through 19 years old, and the classroom genders are mixed.  The ethnic composition of WHS is the following:

59% Native American
20% Caucasian
16% Hispanic
.02% African American
.006 Asian

Winslow High School has a rich tradition and is celebrating its 102nd year in 2014 of Bulldog Pride and Excellence.

The Community:

Winslow is a rural town of approximately 10,800 people located on the important east-west route of Interstate 40 between the towns of Flagstaff and Holbrook.  The community, at an elevation of 4,850 feet, lies in the Little Colorado River Valley (the river skirts the city's eastern edge) on the western border of Navajo County in the high plateau country of northeastern Arizona.

Winslow has a diversified economy in which transportation, tourism, manufacturing, trade and retail business are important factors.  The Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railway, Little Colorado Medical Center, and the Arizona Department of Corrections are the major employers with approximately 500 employees each.  Trade is the second largest employer, partly due to tourism brought in by traffic on I-40 and state highway 87, which connects Winslow to Phoenix.  Little Colorado Medical Center is a part of the Northern Arizona Health Network and is slowly expanding into a regional hospital along I-40.  Indian Health Services is also expanding and serves many Native Americans in the region.

Major retail stores, with a combined force of approximately 500 people are Wal-Mart, Safeway,Tates Car, Winslow Ford, and the Flying J.  The forest industry influences the economy of the Winslow area with a sizable number of employees in Winslow and in the Apache Sitgreaves and Coconino National Forests.  A new employer in the region opened in the past year.  Twin Arrows Casino employs many families in Winslow.  We are hoping that new industry moves into our community to provide jobs for our citizens.

Winslow High School is also a border town/school for the Navajo and Hopi Reservation.  There is a BIA Residential Hall that serves about 110 students.  These students are away from a solid support system of their family but the residential hall offers support in the terms of tutoring, computer labs, and stable living environment.  Communication to parents is limited since many parents choose to give up their guardianship for the week to the residential hall staff.