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Principal's Corner

Enrichment/Intervention - What is it?

Welcome to the new school year!

On behalf of the entire staff at Winslow High School, welcome back to school for the 2016-17 school year! We hope you and your family had a relaxing summer break. The staff at Winslow High School look forward to doing everything we can to help your child be successful in high school and to prepare for further education and/or a successful career after high school. We will be holding our annual open house Monday, July 25th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Read below for some changes to the upcoming school year that will ensure student success and learning.


Our new schedule will provide time for academic intervention for students who are struggling in the core areas of Math and English, and will also provide time for our teachers to collaborate in how best meet the academic needs of our students. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday we will follow a traditional six period schedule with 60-minute classes. Wednesdays will be a delayed start with classes beginning at 9:45am. On Thursdays, school will begin at 7:45am, with an enrichment course embedded into the schedule between 9:25-10:40.


Every WHS student will have an enrichment class. The enrichment period will be 75 minutes in length with the purpose of offering courses to students that are not normally available during the school year. Classes range from ACT prep to Zumba. Students will report to their enrichment each Thursday and will be accountable for attendance and active participation. Those requiring academic intervention during this time period will be dismissed as soon as the enrichment teacher initials the document. Students will have five minutes from the first bell to report to their intervention teacher with the initialed form.

Intervention Period(s)

As mentioned above, students struggling with a standard or concept will be assigned to academic intervention. Furthermore, students who do not show mastery on weekly tests and assessments will be attending intervention. Students will report directly to their enrichment teacher each Thursday before being directed toward an intervention session, either by self-selection or core teacher directive. Each Wednesday, students will be informed if they have been assigned to one or both of the available academic interventions: 9:25-10:00 and/or 10:05-10:40. WHS will also notify you by phone if your child is assigned to intervention.

It is important to note that the intervention period is not a study hall or independent practice time. The focus will be on re-teaching key concepts that groups of students are having difficulty with.

Student Accountability

Each Enrichment teacher will supply a list of those students who have signed up for their enrichment. These students will be placed on a 9th hour roster on which the teacher will record attendance, just as a regularly scheduled class within the day. Students who do not show up to the enrichment/intervention will be counted truant and dealt with by administration with a referral.

What happens if there is a short week?

We will have 4 days of school with the Monday, Tuesday, Friday schedule. There will be no delayed start on Wednesday and no academic intervention/enrichment on Thursday.

Other Changes

§  Thanks to the GEAR UP partnership, AP English 11 and AP US History will be offered to juniors beginning this year.  We will also be partnering with NPC through the TALON grant offering dual enrollment classes in Spanish, Government, and College Algebra.

§  Slits or holes in clothing must not be higher than the reach of the fingertips while the student is standing.

  • Portable electronic devices/cell      phones shall not be turned on or used in any way during instructional time      or when their use is otherwise prohibited by school personnel.      Instructional time includes the entire period of a scheduled class, other      times when students are participating in any instructional activity, or at      other times when school personnel prohibit their use. If such portable      electronic devices are used when prohibited by school personnel, the      devise may be confiscated by school personnel.


I continue to be honored to be the Principal of Winslow High School. I consider myself extremely fortunate to work in such a profoundly positive and student centered environment. Thank you for your support, and please join me in looking forward to another successful year!





Christopher E. Gilmore