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Welcome to Ms. Graham's English class! I am excited to be teaching sophomores and seniors this school year. We have a lot to get through, but I'm going to make sure that assignments are fun and relevant to the topic at hand. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact me.

*Special Note: Seniors, be aware that you will have another research paper this year. It is part of the state curriculum and therefore is something that all seniors are required to do to pass English.*

In these pages, you will find links to handouts in class, powerpoints, assignment descriptions, and a calendar that will be updated as the year goes on. That calendar will have assignment due dates on it as well as test dates in class, school holidays, and anything else that is deemed necessary. Check back often for any changes.


Supply List

Students are required to have notebooks for bellwork. This notebook will stay in the classroom, so it must be bought specifically for this class.

Seniors are to have a binder that they can keep all of their research paper work in. This binder will be due by 17 October 2014.

Extra Credit Opportunity (Updated 14 October 2014): If you bring in a pack of 3x5 notecards, you will receive 5 points. Good for up to four packs for 20 points.